First Allotoca go to Hungary

As the cold weather and the holiday period made it impossible to hand over the already promised animals to their new owners, the first animals were distributed last weekend. Three pairs of Allotoca zacapuensis and two pairs of Allotoca meeki moved from the Haus des Meeres to Márk Liziczai, who takes care of the school project of the Kossuth Lajos High School in Mosonmagyaróvár. There they will serve to build up new populations. Both species had reproduced well last year in the Haus des Meeres, so that it was now possible to think about a distribution of the species. The zoo population is developing satisfactorily for the other species. Only Allotoca goslinei did not produce any offspring last year. The population of Allotoca catarinae therefore comprises about 20 animals, as well as that of Allotoca diazi and Allotoca dugesii in two populations. There are currently around ten animals of Allotoca goslinei, and just as many of Allotoca maculata. Allotoca meeki and A. zacapuensis with 30 and about 50 individuals respectively represent the largest populations. The stock of Neoophorus regalis also has a size of about 30 animals.


Allotoca zacapuensis, Männchen

Allotoca meeki, Männchen

Group of young Allotoca zacapuensis