Project coordination

The project coordination consists of the project coordinator and the deputy project coordinator. It acts as an interface between the individual projects with their project managements and the ÖVVÖ Presidium. The tasks of the project coordination primarily include decisions that affect the projects in their entirety and processes that require change steps regarding the projects and cannot be carried out by the project management (e.g.  election of a new project management) and are regulated.

  1. The project coordination acts as an interface between the ÖVVÖ Presidium and the project managements and represents the idea of the projects externally.
  2. The project coordination receives project applications, discusses them with the ÖVVÖ Presidium and decides together with the Presidium on acceptance or rejection.
  3. The project coordinator appoints a deputy project coordinator who can represent him/her in all matters and who is kept up to date by the project coordinator in all matters concerning the running projects.
  4. Before the start of the project, the project coordination defines together with the project management the project frame and writes a project description.
  5. The project coordination collects the contact email addresses and data sheets of all project participants and takes care of the functioning of the forwarding through the project email addresses. The project coordination also takes care of the distribution and sending of the corresponding certificates of provenance and project participation. 
  6. The project coordination acts as election management for the project management in case of need and takes care of the appropriate compliance with the election procedure in case of the election of a new project management.
  7. The project coordination ensures that the quarterly news reaches them in due time and prepares them in German and English for the Admin, who puts them on the website and forward them to him/her in due time.
  8. The project coordination ensures that the annual reports reach them in due time and prepares them in German and English for the Admin, who posts them on the website and forwards them to him/her accordingly in due time. Likewise, they are prepared for the project management to send out to the project participants in German and English and forwarded on time.
  9. The project coordination invites to the annual Skype meeting, conducts it and takes the minutes. The minutes will be made available to the ÖVVÖ Presidium in German and to the project management in German and English.
  10. The project coordination works actively on the improvement of the guidelines and principles of the projects and takes care of requests from the project management, the ÖVVÖ presidium or project participants regarding a possible adaptation of these. Appropriate decisions are made during the annual Skype meeting.
  11. In case of gross violations by a project participant, the project coordination discusses the violation and the measures with the respective project management, the ÖVVÖ president and at least one member of the presidium and informs the respective project participant about the result.
  12. In the case of non-fulfilment of the tasks of the project management, the project coordination fulfils its duty and intervenes in the projects from the outside in order to bring about a solution in the sense of the project idea.