Stock overview for 2019

Moliwe River Project

The Moliwe River Project has really taken off in 2019. We were able to inspire many new project members for this project. Over 70 offspring of Pelvicachromis kribensis "Moliwe" have gone to new project members. A large part went to Hungary! Partial successes in breeding can already be reported here.

I am glad that we have found many new project members for the Moliwe River. Many thanks to Leipzig for making it possible to get the animals to Budapest. At the beginning of the year, we started here in the Klimahaus with 6 pairs of Moliwe, and in spite of giving them away we still have about 75 in our breeding stock.

Of the species Benitochromis nigrodorsalis, a total of 20 animals (bred at Leipzig Zoo) were sent to Hungary and 10 to a project member in Germany.

Project manager Lina-Kristin Arnskötter


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