Annual report

The annual report is sent to the project coordination in the first quarter of the new project year. It is a report of one to several pages, which can be either free text or free text in combination with tables and/or graphs. In addition to project-specific novelties that the report may include (from the world of science, research trips, studies, distribution of fish from the project, other special features), this report must include the following minimum information:

  1. the current status of the individuals of all units in the project, as well as the number of project participants
  2. the development of all these figures since the last annual report, with any changes clearly indicated
  3. a cash book showing the current financial status of the project, as well as a list of any expenses incurred in the past project year, if required.

The annual report is published on the homepage of the multilingual ÖVVÖ conservation breeding projects in all available languages and in the association magazine Aqua-Terra-Austria of the ÖVVÖ in German.