Project finances

If the project management wants to draw down a sum from the support amount, it sends the corresponding cost estimate or budget to the project coordination. The latter clarifies the planned expenditure with the ÖVVÖ Finance Department and hands over the sum to the project management in case of a positive processing. The actual receipt is sent after payment to the project coordination, which takes care of forwarding it to the ÖVVÖ Finance Department, but remains as a copy in the hands of the project management, which adds it to its project documents. The project management attaches the sum and the statement of the amount of support to the annual report. Project costs that exceed the support contribution are usually to be borne by the project management itself. However, in exceptional cases (if the expenses are system-relevant or extremely important for the project), an extraordinary grant can be requested, or other projects can be asked whether they would transfer parts of their support contribution to the other project. In both cases, the project management must contact the project coordination and clearly state the request. The project coordination will then clarify the matter with the ÖVVÖ or with the other project management and bring the matter to a decision.