Project frame

The project frame includes the units that are currently covered by the project, but also units that are on the wish list of the project management. In addition, it contains the project goal, i.e. the desired number of units to be reached, as well as rules for handing over fish and the acceptance of members. A basic model for a project frame encompasses 500 individuals of a unit as well as ten project participants, without going into details concerning handing over fish. However, this basic model may (and should) be adapted, modified or completely redefined by the project management according to its own ideas, but the project frame must be submitted to the project coordination for review and approval. The project frame is project specific and can also include tasks of the project participants that are project specific or individually created. It may be modified or adapted at any time by the project management, but only with regard to the tasks of the project participants if or in the form already agreed in advance in the project frame. In case of doubt, the general tasks of the project participants apply. After the project has been assessed and accepted, the project frame will be revised again together with the project coordination and then attached to the project documents.