Project participants

Project participants can be private individuals (in this case the project participant, the owner of the animals and the contact person for the project management are identical), as well as public participants (zoos, aquariums, universities, schools, kindergartens, banks, hospitals, etc.). In the latter case, the public project participant is the owner who names a contact person for the project management. This contact person can change for the project participant. However, project participants do not have to own fish, i.e. people or public participants can also join a project purely out of interest in it without having a breeding intention. The project coordination takes care of issuing and sending the certificates to the project participants. A project participant is a member of the project and therefore fulfils tasks of the project participants. This includes:

  1. Animals entrusted are kept to the best of knowledge and in accordance with the animal welfare laws of the respective country. Whether or not the animals become property of the project participant in the process is up to the project management and will be brought to the attention of the project participant in advance.
  2. Project instructions from the project management are to be followed and acted upon without exception.
  3. Once a year, an inventory of the animals must be made and submitted to the project management in due time.
  4. In case of a change of the contact person, public participants have to communicate this change as well as the new contact data to the project management.
  5. Furthermore, the project may include special supplementary tasks that the project participant has to fulfil in addition.

Ultimately, all these decisions should be made with animal welfare and the ÖVVÖ Conservation Project and its success for the benefit of the animals in mind first and foremost.